Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2 Requests: Kickstarter + a Survey... and

1)  An emailer asks me to lend support for a kickstarter project (documentary) of some independent NY filmmakers, focused on Erdös-Bacon numbers and networks.


Not sure how much general interest there is for such topics. But Simon Singh did cover them interestingly over a few pages in his popular book on The Simpsons last year. People have had fun with the 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon" as a parlour game for several decades, and of course Erdös is a fascinating character in his own right… so maybe there is a way to draw in a wider audience?
At any rate, see what you think, and pass it along if you know others who might be interested. Whatever brings more math to the public is a positive, and they have less than a month left to make their kickstarter goal.

2)  And in a second emailed request, a survey is being conducted to study the philosophical intuitions of mathematicians "relating to the objects and methodology of mathematics." If you are a mathematician and can take time to participate please go here (they'd like as large a sample as possible, so feel free to pass on to others also):


Li'l more about it here: 

...Lastly, this might be a nice time to re-link to one of my fave photos on all the Web -- a 10-year-old Terry Tao and Paul Erdös, almost mirroring each other, in contemplation of a math problem:


...Makes my day!

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