Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heeeeere's Mathbabe… and Steven too

I'm delighted today to direct readers over to MathTango for an interview with Cathy O'Neil, "Mathbabe" of the blogosphere:

If you don't already follow her blog regularly you should! -- I consider it must-reading. Cathy is a former Wall Street 'math quant' who deals with a variety of topics and issues, including some not generally found on math blogs (and also some pure humor), and it is one of the best-written math blogs out there. At the end of the interview I link to another excellent video interview she did with PBS's Frontline series 2 years ago, and you ought try to find 40 mins. free to watch that as well (gooood stuff!).

...Also, in interview mode, Patrick Honner conversed extensively with Steven Strogatz in the current (Feb.) issue of Math Horizons and a nice excerpt is available on the Web here:

I love that this particular section goes into some detail about the writing of Strogatz's 2009 book "The Calculus of Friendship" -- a volume he calls "emotional" and "raw, yet understated."  Just a few days ago I tweeted that every math-lover should read this book (and it has more math in it than you might expect, even though it is primarily an intimate, moving life story), and so the timing of this excerpt is excellent.
What better way to spend a snowed-in wintry day than with Cathy and Steve!

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