Friday, March 1, 2013

Evelyn Lamb and more...

 Into the weekend....:

1) Hope this isn't too confusing, but for now will still be calling the interviews I do the "Math-Frolic Interviews" but posting them over at my companion blog (for longer pieces), MathTango. The newest one, with Evelyn Lamb of Scientific American is now up:

So grateful to Evelyn for taking part and sharing her story. Check it out!

2) Below, a delightful post from the Wolfram folks explaining why the newly-opened Museum of Mathematics has no logo (...because it has an infinity of them):

3) "The Aperiodical" blog has begun a new podcast series, they're calling "All Squared," with first edition (a diversity of topics) here:

4) Finally, here's more of Keith Devlin talking about the evolution of his math MOOC:

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