Sunday, July 15, 2012

10 + 10 …to Enjoy

This blog is aimed primarily (though not exclusively) at laypeople who are interested in math, but aren't math professionals, and the links provided in the right-hand column may sometimes be daunting to such folks, with sooooo many to look through.
So, since it's always fun to compile Top 10 lists anyway, I've picked out a condensed list of just 10 favorite math links that offer a range and variety of content (obviously biased by my own interests) for what I call 'math buffs.'
So without further adieu, and in no particular order:

1 general content site (Wolfram MathWorld):

1 magazine style site:

4 math blogs:

2 sites with personal videos:

2 sites that link to further math-related videos:
(documentaries largely from the BBC)

Additionally, I can't help but mention that Wikipedia's portal site for mathematics, links to a plethora of further math content:

I'm leaving out a bazillion great math sites in citing the above 10+… in fact I started to do a list of honorable mentions, but there were sooooo many I wanted to include, I simply jettisoned the idea!! But hope you enjoy some of the above choices.

And here, for those of you on Twitter, 10 of my favorite math-oriented tweeters, in simple alphabetical order (some overlap of course with the above selections, and again, I've left out an awful LOT of wonderful twitterers in holding the list to just 10). Check 'em out if you don't already follow them:

....wish I coulda grown up when there was SO MUCH great math content at one's fingertips!!

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