Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RFI: Online Learning Suggestions (calculus, etc.)

I'm a big fan of the idea of online video instruction (and link to several math-teaching sites in the right-hand column)… so I was a little embarrassed when someone recently asked me which site I would recommend to get a good introductory (first-year) video course in calculus, and I couldn't name one I would favor over others (I simply don't have enough direct experience with them). So, dear readers,

1) if, from experience, you can especially recommend a specific online site for calculus instruction I'd be curious to hear which one it is.

2) for future reference, if there are specific sites anyone cares to recommend for other specific math topics/courses (say, high-school level and above) feel free to mention them as well.

3) and finally, more generally, if there are any excellent (and free) math course sites that you feel are missing from my 6-member list in the right-hand column (under "Math Instruction on the Web") please tell me which ones they are, with their URLs.


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