Tuesday, February 14, 2012


For Valentine's Day I was looking, naturally, for something to post connecting mathematics and love... a lot of possibilities, but in the end decided I could do no better than to re-run a link I posted just 3 months ago -- Jennifer Ouellette's fun ode ("Love Among the Equations") bearing on the subject here:

an excerpt:
"It turns out that the world is filled with hidden connections, recurring patterns, and intricate details that can only be seen through math-colored glasses. Those abstract symbols hold meaning.  How could I ever have thought it was irrelevant?
This is what I have learned from loving a physicist. Real math isn’t some cold, dead set of rules to be memorized and blindly followed. The act of devising a calculus problem from your observations of the world around you – and then solving it – is as much a creative endeavor as writing a novel or composing a symphony."

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