Sunday, October 9, 2011

Math at Science Online 2012 ???

Scientific American's Bora Zivkovic is one of the co-organizers of the premier annual 3-day "Science Online" conference (focusing on science blogging and science communication more generally in the digital age), held in central North Carolina every January -- this year in Raleigh. Attendees come from all over North America as well as internationally. There has always been a strong emphasis on the biological and medical sciences in the multitudinous sessions of this conference, and increasingly the physical sciences are represented as well. Mathematics has been rather less prominent, and Bora recently tweeted "Where's the math?" in regards to proposals for the coming get-together.

If you're a blogger or other math educator/communicator and you've never been to one of these conferences I highly recommend the experience (in fact, I'd defy you to find any individual who's attended that didn't feel richly rewarded by the content, variety, and camaraderie of the meeting -- even if your interests are very narrowly 'mathematical' and not so much 'scientific' you will find very worthwhile, instructive sessions to choose from).

Session suggestions for this coming January (19th-21st) are listed at:

Anyway, Bora is actively soliciting for more math-oriented content; if you have ideas/suggestions that fit into any of the above subject areas (especially if you would like to be a presenter/contributor yourself) contact him SOON at:

DO note that the conference is actually billed as an "Unconference" and sessions are not intended to be the typical 45-min. Powerpoint lecture format, but rather short presentations that generate active and knowledgeable audience participation/engagement. Everyone (including presenters) goes away learning from others.

If you're on Twitter you can follow the progress of Science Online 2012 at the hashtag #scio12. Even though the conference isn't until January, online planning and conversation about it will be ramping up considerably starting about now. And registration for the conference will likely close (fill up) very shortly after it opens!

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Peter said...

Just realized that I never left a comment here. Thanks to your post I remembered to apply in time -- and I'll be there, talking about!