Monday, June 20, 2011

Humanistic Mathematics!

Hmmm... a new online, open-access journal has appeared, the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. Haven't had a chance to peruse it yet, but notice it's in part from my ol' alma mater, Pomona College, so got to be good! ;-):

(Reuben Hersh and Philip Davis are among the contributors to the first issue.)

From the "Aims and Scope" section of the Journal's website:
"The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics aims to provide an open forum for both academic and informal discussions on the various threads of mathematical inquiry. The focus of submitted papers should be on the aesthetic, cultural, historical, literary, pedagogical, philosophical, psychological, and sociological aspects of doing, learning, and teaching mathematics. Authors should keep in mind that the Journal intends to publish work that appeals to a general mathematical audience. This includes people who are seriously interested in mathematics, but may come from a variety of backgrounds both within and beyond academia."

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