Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Biology, Complexity, Dynamics... and Math

"Biology is not yet a predictive science, there are essentially no fundamental laws [as with physics]... biology, in terms of maturity, is at the stage that physics was 300 years ago..."

Interesting post over at on the work of Thomas Fink, essentially trying to mathematically model biological systems.

a bit more therefrom:

"Everyone says the standard model for evolution is mutation, selection and inheritance. Put those ingredients together in a box and you get evolution. But the reality is, when we put those things into models of evolution, or set up appropriate systems of artificial life, we just don't get life-like evolution — we don't find the evolution of complex, surprising things. Some fundamental is missing. What gives a system the capacity to evolve? What makes a system evolvable?"

...and later:

"The problem is, to be able to know what is interesting, one needs to know what is boring."

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