Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SAT Test

Does the SAT Math test favor males? Some thoughts:


And those preparing to take the math SAT at some point, may wish to follow these blogs:



....and some practice available here:



Sue VanHattum said...

The comments on that post are mostly pretty hostile to the possibility that SAT tests don't measure male vs female math skills accurately. Unfortunately, the person who wrote that email quoted (and gave her blog address in the comments) goes overboard in blaming the SAT folks for doing these thing deliberately. They may do that in some ways, but she claims the multiple choice format, which hurts girls, is deliberately biased towards boys, when I'd assume it's much more likely simply a cost minimizing measure.

Timed tests do penalize women. And question context does favor those familiar with the context. (Sports questions favor boys overall, cooking questions favor girls overall, even if the math question allegedly being tested is exactly the same.)

I blogged about gender issues in math last year. There are a lot of factors in play.

Sol Lederman said...

Thanks very much for the link. Here's another great source of SAT Math problem solutions: