For the curious, a little further bio...

Rob Gluck, born and raised in central Illinois. Residing in N. Carolina last 35+ years.  B.A. Pomona College (California) in psychology.  M.A. communications from U. of Kentucky (primary interests: psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology); year of doctoral work at Michigan State, as well. Later lab tech experience in toxicology, neurobiology, and 14 years in clinical genetics. Enamored of math since childhood... loved Martin Gardner's writings growing up -- inspired to start Math-Frolic blog upon his death in 2010 to encourage others pursuing the subject; especially fascinated by issues of paradox/uncertainty/self-reference, with other interests in number theory and geometry. Also, a Richard Feynman fan (and, Ralph Nader and Jerry Brown, as well!).
Enjoys hiking, birding, pickleball, tennis, animals, hand-drumming, flea markets... a-a-and coconut cake.
[ Interviewed by Sol Lederman here: 
...also, two transcribed interviews here:  and here ;-) : .]

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